The Happiness of the Mother - Anood "23"

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Anood Ahmed is a 23-year-old woman, came to Mawiyah Hospital from Al-Anjad village, which is a remote area and far from the nearest health center, and she was pregnant in her ninth month after one of her neighbors told her about Mawiyah Hospital, which is supported by a medical team from Deem for Development Organization, funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and provides free health services. When Anood arrived at the hospital, she was showing signs of fatigue, exhaustion, and fear. The midwife received her and the required medical tests were carried out by the medical team, including the ultrasound and blood tests. The necessary and appropriate medicine was provided to the mother and the fetus before birth. The midwife told Anood, “you will be fine and there is no need for fear or anxiety.” Anood's follow-up process continued before birth for several hours, as the doctor examined her with ultrasound and vital signs. Anood was anxious and fearful, due to her long stay in the hospital, and she believed that she would be left alone in the hospital because the midwife's shift-time was about to end and she would leave. But the midwife assured her that she will not leave until the other midwife come on. During the tests, it was found that the newborn was large, and this was the reason for the delay in childbirth. The birth process continued until late at night. Thanks to Allah, the birth took place, and the child came out unresponsive but immediately, the midwife revived the child. The mother was scared about her baby, but the midwife reassured her that the baby is fine. What made the mother feel more reassured was hearing the baby crying, “I would like to thank the midwife, Deem, and UNFPA for all free services that were provided, and I will inform all other women of my village about the services provided at Mawiyah Hospital, especially those who are going through difficult financial conditions,” Anood said. Anood left the hospital with her husband and newborn child with great happiness and complete satisfaction with the services provided by the hospital and the medical team.