Guidance Note - On Monitoring of Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) September 2020

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Introduction and Scope of Work

The Cash and Markets Working Group Yemen formulated multiple ‘task oriented’ technical working groups for special activities identified by the CMWG members. The Technical Working Group on Monitoring and Evaluation (TWG M&E) was tasked to perform the following two priority activities to support the MPCA programmes in Yemen:

  • Develop a set of post distribution monitoring ‘Harmonized Indictors’ for MPCA - Construct the Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) tool from the set of finalized MPCA indicators as ‘off the shelf’ product for the CVA community in Yemen


A desk review was conducted for the available shortlisted resources by the TWG M&E. The resources included major donor guidelines/ documents (ECHO, ODFA and DFID) along with the tools used by some of the partners. After careful review, the relevant indicators were extracted from the documents for further deliberation and shortlisting. The TWG M&E convened to have an all-inclusive discussion on the longlisted indicators and the group agreed on the set of seven indicators to be considered for monitoring of MPCA programmes in Yemen.

Recommendation by the CMWG Yemen

The following indicators are being recommended by the CMWG Yemen for the CVA community to use in their respective PDMs for monitoring of MPCA programmes. Along with the indicators, a set of standardized questions and respective scales have also been developed to support the CVA actors in the country. These indicators and questions are being recommended as the vital information which should be collected from the beneficiaries however, the partners can choose to use the same tools and replicate for their PDMs or they can align their organizational tools to incorporate the following recommended indicators and questions. Either way, the CMWG recommends to the CVA actors to ensure they include the following indicators and questions in their information collection tools.