A glimpse of ACTED's work with Yemeni coffee farmers in the mountains of Raymah

The war continues to rage uninterrupted in Yemen and the country spirals into chaos, with 14.4 million people struggling with food insecurity and 2.82 million persons currently internally displaced, according to the latest UNOCHA figures. However, the governorate of Raymah, in western central Yemen, remains a place of relative calm. Farmers in Raymah continue their long tradition of coffee harvesting and pruning the coffee fruit as the summer seasons comes to an end. Due to the high altitudes of the mountains, farmers are able to produce very a very distinctive type of coffee, for which they are able to demand the highest price on the international market. However, these farmers are poor and their coffee yields remain low. ACTED has been working in Raymah since 2013, in cooperation with EuropeAid, in an effort to unlock the industry’s potential and improve the living conditions of these farmers who make it all possible. Up to a 1,600 farmers continue to benefit from ACTED’s coffee production and water conservation techniques training this month.

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