Giving birth in the health facility – Aisha “25”, Success Story – Deem for Development Organization - 2021

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Aisha Mohammed is a 25-year-old Yemeni woman who lives in Al Dhra’ Mikhlaf village, Al Ta’iziyah district, Taiz Governorate. Aisha and her family live a simple life, as they have no basic life-saving services, and because of the current conditions that the country is going through, their village lacks the most basic health services and there is no health facility in the village. Aisha said, “my family and I live in a simple house, and my husband works with the daily wage”, Aisha continued to say, “the symptoms of labor came to me and according to the customs and traditions of childbirth, the birth must take place at home, but the labor was complicated and the midwife of the village was unable to help, which forced my husband to take me to the nearest health facility, which was the Al Ggwal Center and it is a long distance from our home”. The husband rented a car and went to Al Ggwal Health Center with his wife. When they arrived at nine in the morning, the midwife and the doctor well-received them. An ultrasound was made and a medical examination was done for her. She was given a dose for labor induction, and the midwife waited until Aisha responded and the birth process began. Meanwhile, Aisha's husband believed that the medicines provided to his wife were in return for a fee, but he and his wife were reassured that the medicines provided in the center were free. After the time has passed, about six hours, Aisha gave birth to a baby “boy”. When Aisha held her baby in her hands, she said “my husband and I were relieved when we know that the medicines provided at the Al Gghwal Health Center are free, and I am grateful for Both Deem medical team and UNFPA for providing such services to us”. “I am happy for the Mama kit that given to me, and I will inform all women in our village it is safe to give birth in centers and hospitals,” Aisha ended saying.