Fulfillment of Basic Needs: Success Story

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"We were looking for protection and stability," says a 20-year-old woman,
Qadria Sadiq, when you ask her why she fled the war in Nihm District with her elderly mother and disabled brother. She lived comfortably, in which she supported her family by drawing Henna to girls during wedding parties. Yet, when the conflict reached their hometown (Nihm) and destroyed their small house, the lives of them changed badly. No roof protects them from the sun’s heat, and no walls protect them from the cold wind. They took the sky as a roof and earth as a carpet to lay on.

Qadria Sadiq decided to flee with her family, where they ended up at Al Gufainah Settlement for IDPs in Marib Gov. Luckily, they found a tent to live in; still, it was a dilapidated one. Qadria and her family lived a miserable life in that tent, where they suffered from the wind that entered from every opening in that worn-out tent.

However, Building Foundation for Development (BFD), funded by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH), reached Qadria, in which she received the cash assistance in the first distribution round. She was very excited to help her family, so she immediately started buying the needed supplies and equipment to rehabilitate the tent. Currently, Qadria and other IDPs including the marginalized ones meet their minimum survival needs and improve their wellbeing due to this intervention. “The tent was in a terrible state”, says Qadria, explaining that after getting the assistance, "I felt like someone who was drowning and was finally rescued.”, "They gave us some warmth. Before the tent was leaking and giving way to the chilly wind."