Floods in Yemen - Aid is on its way

Violent storms and torrential rain have caused severe flooding in Yemen. Many people have lost their lives in the deluge, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. International aid is now on its way. Germany is among those providing emergency relief.

The Yemeni Government estimates that up to 180 people are dead or missing, with many more injured and over 2000 houses destroyed, leaving thousands of people without shelter.

At present, the Yemeni Government and international organizations are gauging where emergency supplies such as food, tents, medicines and insect repellent are needed most urgently.

The neighbouring states have been quick to provide initial supplies. Relief organizations such as the World Food Programme and UNHCR also lost no time in pledging assistance.

Germany, too, has offered to help. The Embassy has earmarked up to 100,000 euro for immediate relief measures.