Fire Safety and Prevention Guidelines for IDP Hosting Sites

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CCCM in Yemen utilizes three main modalities for Fire Safety and Prevention in IDP Hosting Sites:

• Infrastructural Support through humanitarian provision of fire safety kits and improvement of infrastructure (i.e. firebreaks)

• Community Committee Mobilization to safeguard kits, monitor threats, sensitize the community and provide first-aid response - Fire Wardens:
Community Committees offer partners an auspicious ability of appointing fire wardens for respective sites. Through conducting fire prevention trainings, partners should identify what committee members are vigorously engaged in the material and have the capacity of becoming fire wardens for their respective site. Based on the size of the site and fire risks, partners can appoint 1-5 individuals as fire wardens. Fire wardens will take on great responsibilities and must be supported frequently by partners ensuring that these individuals have all the tools, contact information and plans for reporting and responding to fire in a timely manner. Fire wardens are responsible for reporting fires to civil defense or fire brigades, local authorities and other stakeholders in the area. They are also responsible for safeguarding the fire safety kits and making sure the kits are always accessible and used correctly.

• Community Messaging through IEC material and volunteers/committees