FDHR carries out two hygiene campaigns in the Rada and Al Bayda governorates

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Earlier this week, the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) carried out two large-scale cleaning campaigns in Al-Bayda and Rada as part of the Cholera Emergency Response Integrated Project. These campaigns aimed to clear thousands of tons of rubbish accumulated in the streets, which aggravates the spread of disease to citizens throughout Al-Bayda and Rada.

The WASH field coordinator in Al-Bayda, Engineer Hamoud Jazilan, said that the campaign, which was carried out by NFDHR with the help of the Municipality Fund Cooperation in Rada, was conducted between the 26th and 29th of August and contributed to removing about 3 thousand tons of accumulated waste from the city to a waste-dump outside the city.

Gizilan pointed out that 960 tons of rubbish was removed from the streets and neighborhoods of the city, stressing that the hygiene campaigns contributed significantly to improving the environmental situation