FAO Yemen Situation Report - February 2017


17.1 million
people food insecure (EFSNA preliminary results February 2017)

3 million
people targeted by FAO in 2017

USD 48.4 million
appealed for by FAO under the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen

Key Points

  • Yemen is facing the largest food security emergency in the world. Without immediate action, the situation is likely to worsen in 2017.

  • An estimated 17.1 million people are food insecure and struggling to feed themselves – an increase of 3 million in 7 months – according to preliminary results from the Emergency Food Security and Nutrition Assessment (EFSNA). This includes 7.3 million people who are severely food insecure.

  • Yemen’s agriculture production has severely declined in 2016 compared to pre-conflict levels, which is devastating for 60 percent of Yemenis relying on agriculture for their livelihoods.

  • Almost 1.3 million households are in need of emergency agricultural support (EFSNA).

  • Current estimates indicate that existing supplies of wheat in the country will last until the end of March 2017. There is a serious risk of a disruption in wheat imports as companies struggle to obtain credit from banks. If private imports cease, quick mitigation measures by local authorities and international actors will be critical.

  • FAO urgently needs USD 48.4 million to fund its emergency livelihoods response in Yemen in 2017.