EU Envoy to Yemen hails partnership with Seyaj Organization to help child victims of violence and armed disputes in Yemen

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The European Union's ambassador to Yemen, Michele Cervone d'Urso, affirmed that the EU cherishes partnership with Seyaj Organization for Childhood protection for the key role it is playing in protecting children, calling the efforts exerted by Seyaj a " model that should be followed by the civil society organizations".

d'Urso, who made an official visit to Seyaj yesterday, further confirmed that the EU seeks to enhance the involvement of civil society organizations in Yemen in the development process in the course of the forthcoming period.

For his part Huges Mingarelli, Director at the European External Action Service, said : "What Seyaj Organization is doing in terms of ending the suffering of children is praiseworthy . We are very proud of helping you, and our colleagues, in the EU mission, would continue to support such noble efforts."

"Though Seyaj is the only organization the EU delegation has visited in the framework of this programme, we are very interested in developing partnership with civil society organizations so as to directly work towards implementing several development programmes," said Philip Jacques, Head of Development Cooperation at the Yemen-based EU mission.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al-Qurashi, Chairman of Seyaj Organization, said that the European Union was the key backer of our projects during the past period, and is the only supporter of our project on "The Rehabilitation of the victims of landmines and armed disputes".

"We are keen to continue and develop our partnership in development as well as the direct services rendered to the victims and their families, and to expand this partnership to include demobilizing child soldiers, including those who were wounded during armed conflicts," Qurashi remarked.

He stated that Seyaj aims to make its experience in "Seyaj Center for the Rehabilitation of Child Victims of Landmines and Armed Disputes in Yemen" a qualitative one at the regional level. During the visit, the EU's delegation was acquainted with the preparations Seyaj has made in the framework of its EU-backed project meant for helping landmine victims.

The delegates were also briefed on the services delivered by Seyaj to violence child victims, such as the monitoring and documentation of violations, the provision of judicial assistance, the socio-economic and psychological rehabilitation, the media and social support.

From the European side, the meeting was attended by Mr. Dominic Porter , Miss Silke Nikolay, and Mr. Philip Jacques. It was also attended by Mr.Fadhl Al-Qadasi, Seyaj Director General, Ashwak Al-Jawbi, project manager, and several child activists.