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ERC increases humanitarian aid to Yemen's Red Sea Coast

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The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has intensified its urgent relief aid efforts to the residents of the Red Sea Coast of Yemen since the start of October.

The ERC previously declared a comprehensive plan to rebuild the Red Sea Coast, at a cost of AED107.1 million, which includes the restoration of a 143-kilometre international coastal road, 43 schools and 13 clinics, as well as the local electricity network.

The ERC distributed the first food supplements to the residents of the Eastern Coast, which is the first in a series of aid packages totaling 200 tones.

The ERC also announced its intention to restore nine fishing marinas, establish a fish market, and launch 29 small-scale production projects to support the families of martyrs, and poor families, including assisting 24 bakeries, which will benefit 4.32 million people. Its projects also includes the restoration of 50 farms, lighting major roads using solar energy, and donating ten vehicles to rehabilitation centres for people of determination, as well as organizing two group weddings for 400 people.

The ERC has maintained its level of distribution of food and relief aid, and a plane arrived at Aden International Airport carrying 33 tonnes of food supplements from the organization.

The UAE aid authority dispatched a relief aid convoy to the residents of the liberated areas of Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, which contained 5,000 food parcels that benefitted 35,000 people, including over 25,000 children and 5,000 women.

The ERC delivered 1,500 food parcel and 5 tones of food supplements to the residents of Al Azariq District, Dhala Governorate, and assisted 36 malnourished children with food parcels and cash. It also distributed 1,000 food parcels to some 7,000 people in Al Zahari, Ala Barah and Hassa Salem in Mocha District.

The ERC is continuing to launch rebuilding projects and improve the basic infrastructure of the Red Sea Coast. It inaugurated an artesian well project in Al Jadid, Mocha District, as part of a wider project to dig 23 solar-powered wells.