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DTM flow Monitoring Registry Dashboard: Non-Yemeni migrant arrivals and Yemeni returnees in July 2022 [EN/AR]


IOM Yemen DTM’s Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) monitors migrant arrivals on the southern coastal border and Yemeni return locations on Yemen's northern border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Enumerators placed at Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) record migrant arrivals and returning Yemeni nationals to identify different patterns of migration, and to provide quantitative estimates to help define the population of irregular migrants entering the country. FMR is not representative of all flows in Yemen and should be understood as only indicative of migration trends of the unknown total number of migrants arriving in Yemen at FMPs during the time frame indicated. Access constraints limit the ability to collect data at some migrant arrival points.

In July 2022, IOM Yemen DTM recorded 3,171 migrants entering Yemen, similar to 3,174 in June 2022. In both Shabwah and Lahj DTM has registered a decrease in arrivals since February 2022 although a slight increase has been observed in Shabwah this June compared to the last months. The overall decrease is in part linked to seasonal weather conditions as well as an increase in border patrols from the Djibouti side, especially near Lahj meaning smaller boats with fewer migrants made their way to Yemen. The slight increase in Shabwah can be attributed to the urgent need to send as much as possible of migrants from Bosasso, Somalia to Shabwah,
Yemen because the windy season is approaching and it will be diffcult for migrants to travel at that period.

Moreover, DTM recorded 4,476 Yemeni returns from KSA during the month of July 2022, compared to 5,895 in June 2022. Between 1 January and 31 July 2022, DTM recorded 34,437 migrants and 39,761 Yemeni migrant returnees to Yemen.