DRC stays in Yemen despite current crisis

The situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate with thousands of civilians forced to flee their homes because of the ongoing conflict. Refugees, migrants, and internally displaced persons in Yemen are finding themselves in an even more precarious situation and at risk of secondary displacement. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) continues to deliver life-saving services in the country amidst the fragile situation despite its recent evacuation of expatriate staff out of Yemen.

The launch of military strikes on 26th March, 2015 poses great risk to the sustained and secure delivery of humanitarian assistance to the displaced and affected communities in Yemen.

"It is unfortunate that the situation has rapidly escalated. We are concerned that the ongoing conflict will have dire consequences on the ability to deliver vital and urgently needed humanitarian assistance across the country. We are extremely concerned that crucial life-saving services to a population that was already struggling with food insecurity, a protracted situation of displacement, and large influx of migrants may have to be suspended if the situation continues to escalate," says Lisa Piper, DRC Country Director in Yemen.

According to OCHA and the humanitarian community's estimates, almost two-thirds of the population was already in need of humanitarian aid and over 10 million were food insecure before the start of the crisis.

"Another key concern among partners is the acute humanitarian crisis that may develop out of this conflict and potential increased displacement as people flee their homes within Yemen as well as to neighbouring countries. This may further constrain the humanitarian situation in the country as well as in these neighbouring countries who are already dealing with extended situations of displacement combined with reduced donor funding," says Lisa Piper.

DRC continues to operate in Yemen and will deliver life-saving services where possible.

"We are constantly monitoring the situation so as to be able to respond effectively to the crisis. At the moment, although DRC has had to evacuate its expatriate staff because of the worsening security situation, DRC Yemen's operations remain in place so that essential programming is uninterrupted," says Lisa Piper.

DRC has been operational in Yemen since 2008 supporting children, families, and communities affected by conflict with shelter, protection, food and livelihood initiatives.