Deconfliction Mechanism of Humanitarian Organisations Operating in Yemen: Mission Movements and Static Locations

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The deconfliction mechanism informs the Saudi-Led Coalition (SLC) of humanitarian movements and static locations in Yemen. It aims at ensuring the safety and security of humanitarian premises, personnel, equipment and activities in areas of active military operations (airstrikes, shelling, conflict, etc.). The deconfliction mechanism was established in April 2015 upon the request of the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) in Sana’a to ensure a safe delivery of humanitarian assistance in Yemen.

UNOCHA serves as the conduit between humanitarian organisations that wish to share their data (locations and/or movements information), and the focal point(s) assigned by the Saudi-led Coalition (SLC); Evacuation and Humanitarian Operations Committee (EHOC).

Using the deconfliction mechanism does not constitute a legally binding agreement between any of the involved parties, and does not guarantee the safety of personnel, facilities, or sites. OCHA will not verify the data / information provided. Organisations are required to verify the accuracy of their data / information prior to submission to OCHA.

To be noted, the notification of humanitarian locations, activities, movements and personnel to the military through UNOCHA is voluntary. The process of notification is intended to help promote the safety and security of humanitarian locations, activities and personnel but is without prejudice to the responsibility for upholding IHL that lies solely with the warring parties.

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