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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 26 January 2022


More than 67,000 people in seven regions have been affected by floods since 17 January and Tropical Storm Ana that made landfall in northern Madagascar on 22 January. Close to 39,000 people have been displaced and are sheltering in displacement sites. At least 39 people were killed after their houses collapsed or were swept away by landslides. Nearly 60 houses were destroyed and 7,200 flooded. More houses are still at risk of collapsing or flooding. The most affected district is Antananarivo, Analamanga Region. Farmers are affected because their rice fields and crops are ruined by the floods. Access to food and water are the two most urgent needs for the displaced people. During a surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, face masks, soap and other hygiene items are a critical need in the displacement sites.

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Violence has escalated between Islamic State (IS) fighters and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) since 20 January in Hassakeh city, Northeast Syria, resulting in an unknown number of civilian casualties, displacement, and access disruption. Fighting broke out after IS fighters launched an attack against al-Sina’a prison (known as Ghwayran), which holds about 3,000 IS inmates. Nearly 850 children are detained in the prison and inmates control some parts of the prison, exposing them to additional risks such as abuse and recruitment. About 45,000 people have displaced since the beginning of the fighting. Most are sheltering in the centre of Hassakeh city with relatives, which is likely to put pressure on households’ resources. Collective shelters were opened, hosting about 750 people. The situation is restricting humanitarian movements, but response is ongoing. Food, NFI, and winterisation support are the top needs. The IS attack is considered the biggest one since IS defeat was declared in 2019, raising concern about their resurgence.

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Since mid-January, a series of airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen resulted in high numbers of civilian casualties. On 21 January, an airstrike on a detention centre in Sa’dah killed 91 people and injured over 200, the deadliest incident in three years. In Al Hodeidah, three children were killed and 17 people injured by an airstrike while a telecommunication facility was hit on 20 January, leaving the country without Internet connection for four days. On 18 January, an airstrike on a residential area in Sana’a killed at least 14 people. Another airstrike on a main water reservoir in Sa’dah has left more than 120,000 people without access to safe water. Civilian casualties due to airstrikes have significantly increased since October 2021. The escalation of violence further impacts people’s wellbeing and humanitarian needs, while insecurity hampers efforts to provide assistance.

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