COVID-19 Movement Restrictions: Yemen Mobility Restriction Dashboard #20 (27 Jan 2021)


HIGHLIGHTS (From 30 Dec 2020 to 26 Jan 2021)

• 22 new cases – 07 new deaths. | source: WHO • Updates on numbers of new cases in areas controlled by Sana’a DFA are not available.

• 1,905 migrants arrived at southern governorates (Shabwah, Lahj and Hadramaut).

• No IDP Households reported COVID-19 as the reason of displacement. So far, the total number of IDPs who have cited COVID-19 as the primary reason for displacement is 1,550 households (see RDT Dashboard for more information).

• IOM sub-office in Marib has provided courses for 120 trainees from the combined medical team to address COVID19 procedures.

• During the educational meeting in Hadramaut governorate, it was agreed that all public education schools will resume studies starting Sunday 1/31/2021