Conflict and Food Insecurity in Yemen

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WFP continues to operate its food distribution where possible so it can reach those most in need with assistance.

Worsening conflict in parts of Yemen threaten the country's already fragile food security. WFP is continually concerned about the growing number of displaced civilians in the poorest country in the Arab world.

Food and fuel shortages threaten to push more households into hunger in a country where more than 10 million people - some 41 percent of the population - were already suffering from food insecurity.

Despite operational and security difficulties, WFP and its partners have distributed food assistance last week to nearly 30,000 in Mazraq camps for internally displaced people and Kharaz camp for refugees.

Before the violence escalated in March, WFP operations included providing food to hundreds of thousands of displaced people and refugees, safety net and livelihood support for the poor and rural families. The most vulnerable civilians affected by the limited food availablility are children and mothers, who are being treated for malnutrition.

WFP continues to adapt to the situation as it develops so that it can reach those most in need.