Communication with communities (CwC) for COVID-19 Yemen Fact Sheet (July 2020)

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COVID-19 and CwC

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in Yemen in April, UNHCR started empowering refugee and internally displaced Yemeni families to better protect themselves against the infection through awareness-raising, focussed on factbased information, mitigating infection transmission, and referral pathways. UNHCR also monitored closely well-known border areas for COVID-19 related access constraints. Since then, all of UNHCR’s programmes have been adapated to prevention and migitation measures against COVID-19. Furthermore, the results of a CwC impact survey had been successfully incorporated in our response.

UNHCR shared recommendations from both the local authorities and the UN on physical distancing, handwashing, limitation of movements and referrals of suspected cases in a safe and humane way.
These awareness-raising sessions were coupled with other programmes such as the distribution of hygiene kits, educational brochures in various languages and with messaging at the cash assistance collection points. At the same time, virtual and remote tools such as hotlines and online directories were adapted to allow UNHCR and partners to deliver protection services and information in multiple languages.