Civilian Impact Monitoring Report - August - October 2018

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The Civilian Impact Monitoring Project (CIMP) is a monitoring mechanism for real-time collection, analysis and dissemination of data on the civilian impact from armed violence in Yemen, with the purpose of informing and complementing protection programming.

CIMP is a service under the Protection Cluster Yemen and monitor civilian impact from armed violence countrywide, divided into 5 hubs; Al-Hudaydah,Sa’ada,Sana’a,Aden and Ibb.

CIMP collect, analyse and disseminate data in real-time to allow for early warning and early protection response directed at communities affected by armed violence, including new and emerging local conflicts. This is done through daily reports on impact from armed violence for each hub,instant flash reports on significant events that require rapid follow-up from protection partners and weekly,monthly and quarterly analysis to inform protection strategies.

The quarterly report aims to strengthen the understanding of how armed violence across Yemen impacts on communities over time, including by understanding trends and patterns in the types of violence,its geographic spread and the subsequent impact on civilians, in order to inform long-term protection planning and response, strengthen prevention and mitigation strategies and inform advocacy at both local,national and international level for increased protection of civilians caught in armed conflict.