Civilian Impact Monitoring Project: Thematic Report: A review of the civilian impact of recent hostilities in Ma’rib April 2021

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In early February, having seen months of stalemated hostilities, the offensive in Ma’rib resumed, with frontlines shifting eastbound along the two main asphalted roads connecting Ma’rib city with Sana’a. The frontlines have progressed towards Ma’rib city, with an increasingly significant impact on the civilian population. Amid the intensive fighting, civilian casualties and displacements have been mounting, with several reports of artillery fire landing on and near IDP sites, while rockets and missiles continue to hit neighbourhoods in Ma'rib city and heavy airstrikes persist across the governorate. This report summarises recent Ma'rib conflict developments and uses CIMP data to examine the direct impact this renewed fighting has had on civilians in Ma'rib.

Since the start of 2021, CIMP has recorded 79 incidents of armed violence that have directly impacted civilians in Ma’rib governorate, resulting in 74 civilian casualties, including 18 fatalities. Of these casualties, 40 were reported in March; the highest civilian casualty count CIMP has recorded in one month in Ma'rib since the project commenced, at the start of 2018. Moreover, the first quarter of 2021 has seen over half the civilian casualty count recorded throughout 2020.
The analysis presented in this report is based on data analysed as at 12 April 2021, derived solely from open source reporting that is systematically cross-checked.