Civil disobedience paralyzes Aden

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Yemen Times Staff Published:17-04-2011

ADEN, April 17th - Aden governorate is under a state of complete paralysis, with its public and private facilities completely shut down on Saturday, due to the implementation of the youth revolutionaries’ request for complete civil disobedience on Saturday and Wednesday mornings of every week.

Public transport was not running from the early morning, as youths blocked main and side roads so that people would not be able to go to their workplaces. The roads were not opened until after 12 noon, whilst all businesses in Mansoura, Ma’ala, Dar Saad, Sheikh Othman and Bureiqa districts were closed.

Sources in the Civil Service office in Aden said that the numbers of government employees in the governorate coming to work is 20%, and that no clashes between the security forces and the protesters have been reported over the disobedience.

The youth of change continue to escalate their protests and demonstrations in Aden governorate, calling for the fall of the regime, holding them through the night. This is due to the hot daytime weather that Aden has experienced so far this year. Some of the protest camps, including that of Crater, have attempted to go out on marches after Asr prayers in the afternoon, with the sun not being as strong. Women also try and come out at that time.

The temperature increases in Aden, as it is a coastal city, and the sun is particularly strong in the morning, to a degree that can barely be handled. However, the increase in temperature has not prevented the youth from gathering in their four primary protest camps in Sheikh Othman, Mansoura, Seera (Crater) and Ma’ala districts, and being present there in the daytime despite there being no air conditioners or even fans that would make the camps cooler.