CCCM Yemen IDP Hosting Site Typologies

Manual and Guideline
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This document describes the CCCM Cluster’s classification of the various types of sites in Yemen.

Site typologies shall be defined by:

  1. Settlement types

a. Spontaneous settlement – most common type in Yemen. The site is established or formed by IDPs self-settling in open-air land that they have no legal claim to, in some occasions with the involvement of non-experienced actors without proper planning. The site infrastructure is not established prior to the arrival.

b. Collective center – a pre-existing building (school, religious building, warehouse, any public building, and others) that was not built to accommodate IDPs but modified for that purpose.

c. Planned camp – established by the government and/or accountable humanitarian actors and to the extent possible, meet the minimum SPHERE standards. The site infrastructure is established before the arrival of IDPs

d. Mixed-type gathering – a location that combines characteristics of more than one of the three above types. This type includes unfinished buildings.