CCCM Cluster Yemen Strategic Advisory Group - Terms of Reference (October 2021)

Manual and Guideline
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Background and Context

More than 1 million displaced Yemenis have settled in over 1,600+ spontaneous, unplanned camps and require support to meet their basic needs. The locations, population size and characteristics of these sites change over time.

Data show that 76% of IDP sites lack formal land tenancy agreements, which can lead to secondary displacement and sometimes creates eviction threats, compromises living conditions, and may lead to secondary displacement. 32% of sites are at risk of flooding, and about 48% of people in IDP hosting sites are within 5 km of areas of active hostilities.

Sites also lack services. Data show that more than half of the sites are not reached by the humanitarian actors, and 93% of camp-like settings across the country lack basic services, such as - food distributions, protection services, WASH, education etc. and so on, and 83% face critical service gaps.

To respond to the growing displacements, the CCCM cluster aims at improving the coordination of the integrated multi-sectorial response at site level, raising the quality of interventions and monitoring of humanitarian services in communal settings, by ensuring appropriate linkages with and building the capacities of national authorities and other stakeholders.

Purpose of the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)

The CCCM Cluster Coordination Team seeks to engage a number of cluster members, representing various stakeholder groups, in policy and strategy making through consensus management. The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) will play an advisory role to the CCCM Cluster in the cluster strategy planning, in a consultative manner, with policymaking, strategic direction, and coordination mechanisms.

Guiding Principles

The work of the SAG Members is guided by the principles of neutrality, impartiality, and independence. All documents will be circulated among the SAG members who are expected to consult their respective constituents. Any document generated and endorsed by the SAG will be circulated to CCCM cluster members. SAG members expected to keep high level of confidentiality through their assignments and after the end of their tenure.