CCCM Cluster Yemen: Information Management Strategy - 2021 (June 2021)

Manual and Guideline
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Strategic aim

Information Management (IM) serves as a foundation of the CCCM Cluster strategy and is essential for coherent cost-effective coordination as well as planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating CCCM and multi-sector humanitarian interventions. The Cluster will also use the data collected to push advocacy by:

  • Updating the HCT/ICCM on national issues through drafting advocacy notes, escalating persistent gaps, and inputting to specific products utilized by the inter-cluster coordination system in Yemen, such as the protection updates. In the past, such issues included evictions, proximity to areas of active conflict and civilian impact

  • Providing inputting to the Cluster with the aim of working with the ICCM, ICWGs, and RCTs to mobilize sectoral resources and form joint guidance

  • The Cluster devised Communications and Advocacy strategies which aim at raising the CCCM profile in Yemen and advocating for funding and access to site populations, better quality interventions and a link to early recovery and development initiatives when feasible / appropriate

The IM strategy is based on the following steps:

  1. Information gathering related to all IDP hosting sites

a) Design of data collection system and tools, in coordination with Cluster Lead Agency, SAG and Cluster partners

b) Capacity building of Cluster partners and relevant stakeholders on using the data collection tools

c) Supporting the methodology of any assessments, monitoring, surveys or reporting tools in order to make them suitable according to IASC agreements