CCCM Cluster Membership – Yemen

Manual and Guideline
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Cluster Members should adhere to the minimum commitments that set out what all local, national or international organizations undertake to contribute. They include:

• A common commitment to humanitarian principles and the Principles of Partnership

• Commitment to mainstream protection in program delivery

• Readiness to participate in actions that specifically improve accountability to affected populations

• Understand duties and responsibilities associated with membership of a cluster and commit to consistently engage in the cluster’s collective work as well as cluster’s plan and activities

• Commitment to ensure optimal use of resources, and sharing information on organizational resources

• Commitment to mainstream key programmatic cross-cutting issues

• Willingness to take on leadership responsibilities as needed and as capacity and mandates allow

• Contribute to developing and disseminating advocacy and messaging for relevant audiences

• Ensure that the cluster provide interpretation so that all cluster partners are able to participate