Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) - Consolidated Price Monitoring Tool (August 2020)

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The data is split between Yemen’s two main economic spheres: the De Facto Authority (DFA) and the Internationally Recognized Government (IRG). The consolidated price monitoring tool is designed to understand the survival minimum expenditure basket (SMEB). The consolidated price tool includes all prices related to both the WASH SMEB and Food SMEB. The price of the Food SMEB is broken down by different types of beans due to their cost variability.

Methodology: The consolidated price tool is harmonized across all partners and at least three markets were assessed in each district. The means and medians are consolidated at the control area level. Districts are categorized into DFA or IRG groups and medians and means are taken for the different areas.

Governorates Covered: Aden, Al Hudaydah, Lahj, Hajjah, Sana’a City, Taizz