An Appeal Call to Save the Cyclone Luban-Trapped Population in Al-Mahara

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Out of the belief in the national and humanitarian duty towards our fellow citizens in Al-Mahara Governorate affected by the Cyclone Luban, inflicting human and material damage at all levels and the civilian suffering of displacement and daily hardships in access to basic services such as food and shelter.

CSSW launched an appeal call to rescue the people trapped by the tropical Cyclone Luban, which hit the governorate and the eastern coasts. The aim was to meet the needs of the displaced people in Al-Mahara Governorate and provide necessities of food baskets, non-food items and hygiene kits.

"There are dozens of families still stuck on rooftops because of the high level of water in the neighborhoods, streets and houses entrance," said the Governor of Al-Mahara, Rajeh Bakrit. He called on the government to intervene urgently after the governorate declared a governorate affected by unprecedented cyclone that damaged the governorate.

Preliminary statistics confirm that the Cyclone Luban, which hit Al-Mahara, eastern Yemen, led to the displacement of 2000 families and four people reported as missing, 33 received moderate and serious injuries. In addition, 150 homes totally and partially damaged. The situation calls for urgent assistance to assist the trapped citizens.

CSSW already approached the affected people and provided a ready-made meal for 600 people and distributed 50 food baskets urgently to those affected by the cyclone.

In this regard, we appeal to regional and international humanitarian organizations to help our Al-Mahara people against the serious hazards and adopt a campaign so that we can provide and implement relief and humanitarian aid to the displaced.

We also appeal to the governmental and official bodies to move and coordinate such efforts in this area and provide assistance and cooperation to alleviate the distress and the resulting catastrophic damage.

Issued by CSSW - YEMEN