To alleviate the humanitarian situation on Yemenis, Civil society organizations in Yemen call for a package of immediate measures [EN/AR]


The war has exacerbated the tragedy of civilians in Yemen. The societal divisions and fissures have been seriously deepening; Also, kidnappings and death threaten Yemenis at checkpoints between the fiefdoms of the conflicting parties, and many people die because of the continuing restrictions imposed on travel, food commodities, and humanitarian aid. This year, more than 16 million people go hungry. Approximately 50,000 Yemenis are starving to death in famine-like conditions; Also, 4 million people across Yemen have been forced to flee their homes are still in need of assistance and protection. Due to lack of funding for relief efforts, and deterioration of the Yemeni riyal value, the humanitarian situation in Yemen has become worse than ever.

Accordingly, civil society organizations appeal to the warring parties in Yemen to respect human rights, consider the humanitarian situation of the Yemeni people, and make courageous concessions for the sake of peace. They call on the United Nations to redouble its efforts to stop the war, raise the level of humanitarian aid, put pressure on the parties to the conflict to put an end to the tragedy of civilians, and take a package of measures immediately as follows:

  • A cease-fire at the level of Yemen to alleviate the humanitarian situation deterioration on civilians, open roads for the free movement of people and goods, and restore normal life to millions.

  • Remove all obstacles preventing Yemenis from accessing food and basic commodities, including fuel.

  • Reopening Sana'a Airport for commercial flights and patients as a humanitarian necessity for citizens and lifting restrictions imposed on the ports of Hodeida, especially about the entry of fuel ships.

  • Lifting the siege on the Taiz city, opening all roads and outlets, providing protection for all displaced people, and facilitating their return to their areas throughout Yemen.

  • Lifting restrictions on commercial and humanitarian imports of food, fuel, and medical supplies through all ports in Yemen once and for all.

  • Expanding the humanitarian response to include economic recovery efforts to help lay the foundations for the rehabilitation of basic services.

  • Ending the obstacles and bureaucratic procedures that the authorities in Sana'a and Aden take on humanitarian organizations and facilitating the access of their teams to the local communities to identify the necessary needs in the various regions.

  • Pay salaries to public servants in Yemen, with an emphasis on giving priority to the education and health sectors, as these two sectors represent 85% of the total employees of the state’s administrative.

  • Neutralizing humanitarian action, economy, education, and health from the conflict agenda, disbursing the pensions of retirees, and preserving the resources of the General Authority for Insurance and Pensions and the General Organization for Social Insurance and untouched it.

  • Taking practical procedures to restore the functional capabilities of the Central Bank of Yemen as a national institution that serves all parts of Yemen and contributes to maintaining the currency rate.

  • Involve Yemeni development leaders from the private sector, academics, civil society organizations, and those with experience in the economic and development fields in formulating Yemen's development, economic and humanitarian priorities

  • Welcome the efforts of the United Nations, the European Union, Sweden, and Switzerland to convene a donors’ conference to support Yemen, scheduled for September 22; on this regard, civil society organizations call on the United Nations to prepare well and urge the Member States and international agencies to actively participate in covering the gap in the humanitarian response plan in Yemen and assisting 30 million people suffering from the world's worst humanitarian crisis.


Civil society organizations stress that ending the war and reaching a just and sustainable peace is the real solution to end the suffering of millions who are suffering from the fire of war; they look forward to serious interactions in the first place while continuing to contribute to meeting the needs of civilians and providing basic services, and reminding all concerned of their common responsibilities Towards the future of Yemen.

Civil Society Organizations

Localization of Humanitarian Action in Yemen Initiative's Members

1-Tamdeen Youth Foundation

2-National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response

3-Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN)

4-Abs Development Organization for Woman and Child (ADO)

5-Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO)

6-Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF)

7-SOUL for Development

8-Medical Mercy Foundation

9-Building Foundation for Development - BFD

10-Youth Without Borders Organization for Development.

11-All Girls Foundation for Development

12-Family Counselling & Development Foundation

13-Yemeni Women's Union

14-Al Aman Organization for Blind Women Care

15-Hemmat Shabab Foundation For Development

16-Ethra Foundation

17-Rawahel Foundation for Development

18-Wa3i Foundation

19-Field Medical Foundation FMF

20-Nahda Makers Organization -NMO

21Civil Alliance for Peace

22-Afaq Shababia Foundation

23-Marib Girls’ Foundation

24-Alf Ba Civilian and Coexistence Foundation

25-Yemeni Response Council "YRC"

26-Enjaz Foundation For Development

27-Future Social Charity Association

28-Look INSIDE

29-Yemen Medicine Bank

30-Khadija Foundation For Development

31-Yemen AlKhair for Relief & Development Foundation

32-Jeel Albena

33-Gusoor Organization for Peace Co-existence

34-Democracy School

35-Musanadah Foundation for Development

36-As-Salam School

37-Yemen Entrepreneurs Foundation

38-Together Foundation

39-Coordination Committee

40-Tatweer Foundation

41-Mysarah Foundation

42-Volunteers Foundation.

43-Youth without Bordars Organization

44-Sheba Youth Foundation for Development

45-Millennium Development Foundation (MDF)

46-Sada Foundation for Building & Development

47-Monitoring Foundation for Human Rights

48-National Prisoner Foundation

49-Eaha’s Foundation for calm & Social Peace

50-Social Development Hodeidah Girls Foundation

52-Basma Foundation For Child Development &Women

52-The Center of Strategic Studies to Support Women and Child

53-Social Peace Promotion & Legal Promotion

54-Peace and Building Foundation

55-Food Bank

56-Yemeni Psychological Association

57-Heran Foundation for local Development

58-Estijabah Foundation for Humanitarian Aid & Relief

59-Manarat Foundation

69-Social Solidarity Foundation for Development

61-Yemen Health Foundation

62-Federation of Chambers of Commerce

63-National Org for Health Development‎,

64-Yemen Association For Development

65-Wama Foundation for Development and Human Rights

66-Generation Without Qat Organization

67-Estijabah Foundation for Humanitarian Aid and Relife

68.Wahg Al-hyat Foundation

69.For All Foundation

70.ARDO Yemen