After Suffering for A Long Time, Ahmed and His Family Live A Happy Life: Success Story

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Dhelaf Sub-district – Wusab Al Alie District – Dhamar Gov.

“My life was full of nightmares since I could not provide the simplest life needs for my family”, Ahmed Abdullah Hussien said. Ahmed, who is 27 years old, lives in Dhelaf sub-district, Wusab Al Alie district with his seven family members (6 sons and his wife). It was too difficult for them to move, get water to drink, and take patients to hospitals due to the bumpy road. Besides, Ahmed’s economic situation was too complicated that he could not even cover his family’s needs since he is jobless and has no source of income. “I felt sad because I could not afford my family needs, especially my sons, and when they asked to buy candies for them, I used to promise them that I would buy them some another time to prevent them from crying.”, Ahmed expressed.

“Life was tough, with three meals a day a pipe dream”, he recalls, "however, I was given a new lease of life by the cash transfer of the Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) Project, which made me more intelligent and skilled." Now, Ahmed is one of the beneficiaries of the FFA project that is supported by the WFP.

Due to this intervention, Ahmed lives happily since he has the ability to make his family cheer up by providing them with all that they lacked in the past. In addition, it became easy for every resident in the sub-district of Dhelaf to move and bring goods since Ahmed has paved several roads with his colleagues. “After the intervention of BFD through FFA project, my life has changed to the best radically, and I hope that BFD continues to implement such projects for the next stages, especially in this sub-district because it needs many projects, such as dams, paving bumpy roads, health centers, and school rehabilitation.”, Ahmed concluded.