ADRA Yemen Midyear Report (January - June 2019)


A message from the CD

As we close the first half of 2019, over 24 million people continue to struggle acquiring access to clean water, food, and health services as a result of the conflict in Yemen. As the humanitarian needs worsen, ADRA increases its commitment, engagement and response in Yemen and its people.

ADRA reaffirms its 24-year commitment to Yemen by partnering with communities across 14 governorates and implementing activities in the sectors of WASH, Food Security, Protection, Education, Health, and Nutrition. ADRA is committed to reaching those in the hardest to reach and highest affected areas with humanitarian assistance and providing the dignity that they rightfully deserve.

ADRA’s response focuses on supporting those in urgent need, protecting people’s dignity, co-creating long term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling every person’s potential. ADRA is committed to saving lives and investing in the people of Yemen.

ADRA’s motto of Justice, Compassion and Love drives us to unite our organization and stakeholders around programs that deliver lasting change. We use these to address underlying causes of distress now, while cultivating a better tomorrow by unlocking the potential in people and kick starting a cycle of generosity so today’s participants become tomorrow’s nation builders. In this way, we can be sure our work has a long-lasting effect on not just individuals but whole communities.

Our mission is only possible because of the trust of all of our stakeholders. Our team of about 1,500 skilled humanitarian aid workers, of which 54% are women, courageously expose themselves to high risks every day to deliver assistance to communities. The local communities and authorities entrust us to work hand-in- hand in shaping the future development of its country and people. Finally, our donors enable us to fulfill our purpose of saving and making a difference in the lives of people. We are truly grateful.

As we enter into the second half of the year, ADRA will relentlessly advocate for the well-being of Yemen and its people. We will unwaveringly support those most in need and we will unceasingly aspire for excellence in our programs so communities can reach its full potential.

Dr. Ephraim Palmero
Country Director ADRA Yemen