ADRA Bi-Monthly Progress Report July – August 2018

from Adventist Development and Relief Agency International
Published on 31 Aug 2018

Yemen Humanitarian Update, August 2018

The hostilities in Al-Hudaydah governorate continue to intensify, particularly in Ad Durayhimi city, where there are significant casualties. The intensity of the fighting, shelling and airstrikes has prevented ambulance services from reaching this area, which is south of Al-Hudaydah city. Some families have been able to escape to neighboring districts and Al-Hudaydah city. However plenty of families remain trapped in Ad Durayhimi.

Humanitarian actors are trying to evacuate wounded people from Ad Durayhimi. Overall, more than 50,800 households (355,600 individuals) have been displaced by the ongoing conflict in Al-Hudaydah.
On August 9, an airstrike in Sa’ada governorate struck a bus in a market area, which killed 46 people and injured 75 others. Most of those who died were children aged 10 to 13 years. Along with the UN Secretary General and humanitarian agencies, ADRA condemned this attack.

Between March 2015 and June 2018, UNICEF estimates that 2,398 children have been killed and 3,652 children have been maimed because of the war in Yemen.

According to UN OCHA, more than 7.4 million people in need are located in areas with significant access constraints. Out of this, 1.4 million people are located in high access severity levels, a 200,000 increase from February 2018.

The current complexities in Yemen are compounded by the depreciation of the Yemeni Riyal. In August 2018, exchange companies in Sana’a city bought 1 USD at a rate of 560 YER, which marks the lowest recorded rate.

Consequently, commercial goods are rising, thus, exacerbating the needs and living conditions of those already affected by the war.