Aden’s governor threatens to use force to open roads

Fuad Mused (author)

ADEN — The governor of Aden, Waheed Rasheed, said that local authorities will use security forces to open roadblocks in Al-Mula and Al-Mansoura streets. Offenders will be referred to General Prosecution in case efforts at negotiating fail.

He added during a press conference held in Aden on Wednesday that they have handled the security situation with patience and self-restraint over the last year, in which the country witnessed unprecedented turbulence.

“We have been trying to contact different sides [in conflict] to be able to meet their demands,” he said.

He indicated that the community will no longer accept sabotage, vandalism and social disturbance more generally. “Lawlessness will be wiped out through the intervention of police to enforce order and law,” he added.

The governor threatened to use force to stabilize the situation in Aden in reaction to fierce attacks launched by unidentified militants, who stormed the National Navigation Company in Aden’s Al-Tawahi district.

Eyewitnesses told the Yemen Times that clashes between the militants and soldiers lasted one hour.

Local sources claimed that the militants began the attack at noon. The militants used mortars, grenades and other light weapons. The sources mentioned that the militant group tried to take over a Food Supplies store, resulting in confrontations with the militants and security guards. The militants were finally repelled.

Local sources mentioned that one soldier was seriously injured. Other sources said that the solder did not survive.

Local authorities in Aden and senior military and security figures held a meeting to discuss the measures to open blocked roads, particularly in the area of Al-Mala. Locals harmed by sabotage acts also attended the meeting to voice their demands.

The Defense Minister, the commander of the Southern Military Region, Aden’s governor, and several dignitaries attended the meeting.