ACAPS Thematic report: Social impact monitoring report: April - June 2021 – 26 August 2021



Political instability, deteriorating economic conditions, and natural hazards continue to stretch the coping capacity of many Yemenis.

Yemen’s southern governorates continue to witness civil unrest and protests driven by economic problems, dismal service provision, and political instability. The military and security part of the Riyadh Agreement remains unimplemented (FEWS NET 13/07/2021). Diplomatic efforts in support of a nationwide ceasefire between the Internationally Recognized Government of Yemen (IRG) and the de-facto authority (DFA) in the north of Yemen (also known as the Houthis) continue. The Houthis, however, continue to reject peace negotiations until their long-lasting demands for lifting the Saudi blockage of ports and Sana’a airport are met (Security Council Report 30/06/2021).

Economic conditions continue to worsen. The depreciation of the Yemeni rial (YER) and the exchange rate difference between DFA and IRG areas have led to price increases and reduced people’s purchasing power. In IRG governorates, the exchange rate reached YER 991 to 1 USD by the end of July, while in DFA-controlled areas it remained stable, trending at YER 596 to 1 USD. Food and fuel prices simultaneously increased, mainly in IRGcontrolled areas (FAO accessed 08/09/2021).

Between April–June, the forcible transfer of migrants from northern to southern governorates continued. Over 23,000 migrants were pushed across active front lines, and over 10,000 moved to southern governorates (IOM 09/08/2021).
Yemen is still experiencing the second wave of COVID-19. Although the number of new cases reported daily has been declining, monitoring mechanisms remain extremely limited in IRG areas and are nonexistent in DFAcontrolled areas, so the COVID-19 situation is unclear. As at 27 June, over 270,601 people in southern Yemen have received the first vaccine dose. In DFA-controlled areas, the vaccination of healthcare workers began on 20 June (OCHA 11/07/2021).