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1.5 Million Beneficiaries of Saudi Water Project in Aden, Yemen

Aden / 14 September 2020 – To meet the needs of roughly 1.5 million people in and around Yemen’s provisional capital, Aden, the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) is expanding and developing the use of water resources in Al-Manasra Field. Having completed a project to rehabilitate 10 wells and bring them online, SDRPY will now drill and equip 5 new wells there.

This is part of a package of SDRPY projects kicking off in Aden this week in different sectors, including health, education, transport, sports, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Project foundation stones are being laid to build four schools, rehabilitate an athletic center, resurface and light four vital roads, renovate a sewage treatment plant, and supply health centers with medical equipment.

“The deep, solid relationship with our brothers in the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia is a source of dignity and pride,” said Aden Governor Ahmed Hamid Lamlas at the inaugural ceremony for the portfolio of projects. Lamlas stressed the local authority’s keenness to facilitate SDRPY’s work, strengthening reconstruction in a way that contributes to the tangibility of projects for the Yemeni citizen.

SDRPY water projects in Aden include supplying and installing submersible pumps and accessories in ten wells with 1,350 solar panels, rehabilitating the electrical grid for the ten wells, and building warehouses, offices and fencing for the project site. Aden’s total water productivity is increasing by 10%, as the distribution network receives 11,232 cubic meters of clean water per day and directly benefits 124,800 residents daily. Per capita water consumption in Aden averages 90 liters a day.

SDRPY is also digging 5 new wells at depths ranging from 320-350 meters. Work includes creating an electrical grid and distribution system for the wells, installing five solar powered submersible pumps and accessories, and supplying a 1.25 MW generator. This will raise total water productivity in Aden Governorate an additional 5%, feed the network with 5,616 cubic meters of water daily, strengthen the electrical network, help secure water supplies, and serve 62,400 direct beneficiaries a day.

Other SDRPY projects in Aden include the three-phase rehabilitation and development of Aden International Airport, renovation and expansion of Aden General Hospital with 200-bed capacity, and construction and equipment of a cardiology center to accommodate 50 patients. These complement projects to rehabilitate and expand the Port of Aden, supply oil derivatives, provide comprehensive maintenance for power plants, ensure safe means of transport at the University of Aden, rehabilitate and develop school book printing presses, implement the ‘Beautiful Aden’ cleaning and environmental sanitation campaign, and carry out insecticide fogging and sanitizing spray operations.

As an important tributary of Yemen’s economy, SDRPY projects advance development through cooperation with the Yemeni government and coordination with local authorities to meet the needs of Yemeni communities. Over 188 SDRPY projects are complete or under way in 7 major sectors, implemented through offices in the Yemeni provinces. SDRPY projects aim to raise the efficiency of Yemeni contractors, increase safety levels, promote best practices, transfer knowledge, lower unemployment, invigorate economic activity and stabilize the currency.

SDRPY was established by royal decree of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as a strategic initiative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide economic and development support across all sectors in Yemen, helping to improve infrastructure and basic services available to the Yemeni people and create job opportunities.