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Written Update: Implementation of the PBC’s Gender Strategy and Action Plan, October 2020 - October 2021

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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In 2020 a review of the Peacebuilding Commission’s Gender Strategy was undertaken to assess the degree to which it has been implemented since its adoption in September 2016. The review report, prepared by DPPA/ PBSO and UN Women with support from an independent expert consultant, recommended the Commission improve its gender analysis; enhance its consultations with diverse women peacebuilders; increase its advocacy on gender-responsive peacebuilding across the UN system, with Regional Organizations and with International Financial Institutions; and conduct regular monitoring and review of its gender strategy. During an ambassadorial-level meeting in October 2020 the PBC members agreed to developing a Gender Strategy Action Plan on the implementation of the Gender Strategy. The PBC’s Gender Strategy Action Plan was then adopted in adopted in February 2021 and includes four action areas and nice specific indicators.

This is the first written update since the action plan was adopted and considers the implementation of the PBC’s Gender Strategy Action Plan from October 2020 to October 2021. It is informed by a desk review of 67 PBC outcome documents and consultations with PBC members, PBSO and UN Women representatives and women peacebuilders who briefed the Commission in the last year. Key informants interviewed observed that the PBC’s Gender Strategy Action Plan has already become an important tool to further operationalize the Gender Strategy. The Gender Strategy Action Plan also assists in maintaining continuity in how the Commission considers and promotes gender-responsive peacebuilding efforts from one year to the next and in monitoring progress and ongoing implementation gaps.