WHO EMRO | Emergencies in the Eastern Mediterranean Region in 2017: the year in review

from World Health Organization
Published on 26 Dec 2017 View Original

As host to some of the world’s biggest emergencies, the Eastern Mediterranean Region carries the largest burden of people in need of aid, with more than 76 million people directly or indirectly affected by political conflict, environmental threats, and natural disasters.

In 2017, Syria entered into its 7th year of conflict and Yemen’s health system is failing due to two years of intensified conflict, the economic crisis and a huge cholera outbreak. In Iraq, a military offensive aiming at liberating Mosul led to the displacement of almost 1 million people. Somalia is facing a triple threat of drought, impending famine, and disease outbreaks. Libya, OPT and Afghanistan struggle to provide health care services in insecure and under-resourced settings. Health security threats present in the region, such as acute watery diarroeah/ cholera, place populations at increasing risk.

Following are key highlights of WHO’s work in emergencies in 2017.