WHO compendium of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings (2021)



Health technologies are essential for a functioning health system. The response to the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis has exacerbated the need for rapid evidence based assessments of innovative health technologies to ensure safe and appropriate use. Thus, the objectives of the 2021 compendium are to:

1.Select innovative technologies that can have an immediate or future impact on the COVID-19 preparedness and response, have the potential to improve health outcomes and quality of life, and/or offer a solution to an unmet medical/health technology need by evaluating their appropriateness, quality, and safety.

  1. Shed light on advantages and challenges associated with the adoption of innovative health technologies in low-resource settings.

  2. Acknowledge some success stories and, at the same time, raise awareness of the pressing need for appropriate and affordable solutions and encourage more innovative efforts in the field.

  3. Encourage greater interaction among Ministries of Health, procurement offices, donors, technology developers, manufacturers, clinicians, academics and the general public to ensure greater investment in appropriate health technology and a move toward universal access to essential health technologies.

  4. Support informed procurement decisions by NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders.