What we know about exit strategies: Practical guidance for developing exit strategies in the field


This document is intended to reflect on C-SAFE's collective experience with exit strategies, improve our understanding, and provide guidance to NGO staff for developing effective exit strategies in the field. The goal of this guidance document is to improve our collective understanding and ability to develop and implement sound exit strategies from developmental relief programs by:

  • looking at some key concepts and terminology related to Exit Strategies (borrowed primarily from the FANTA technical note on Exit Strategies, November 2004);
  • discussesing the challenges associated with Exit Strategies;
  • incorporating special consideration of the southern Africa context - which includes a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, recurrent droughts, unstable political environments, increasing poverty, and typically an environment of funding constraints;
  • providing step-by-step guidance on how to develop, implement, and monitor sound Exit Strategies for Title II developmental relief programs; and
  • reflecting on the experiences of C-SAFE member agencies in the region.

Along with the case studies and examples, this document will assist C-SAFE NGO members in improving their understanding of exit strategies.