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WFP (Global) Special Operation SO (200345): Augmentation of WFP’s Strategic Fleet

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Executive Summary

WFP Logistics’ chief mode of transport is overland road transport. In several countries, required services may be performed by private contractors while in others WFP has come to rely on its own fleet. The current standard of WFP’s fleet, however, is less than adequate. WFP considers that cost efficiency of assets can be improved. At the same time emergency experiences from the past years have shown that WFP does not have the capacity to respond quickly to requests for immediate deployment of trucks that are suited for the very difficult conditions often found at the onset of an emergency. In such circumstances, specialised allterrain trucks are needed to reach vulnerable populations in isolated locations. Such trucks are usually not available with local transporters. In order to augment the emergency response capacity, while streamlining and improving the use of existing assets, this Special Operation proposes the establishment of regional emergency fleets in three strategic, disaster-ridden areas: East Africa, West Africa and Central America and the Caribbean. The operation provides for all required activities from demobilisation of current country-based fleets to establishment of centralised fleets and training of involved staff.