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WFP Caribbean COVID-19 / 2020 hurricane season situation report #2

Situation Report
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In Numbers

407,000 people are estimated to be severely food insecure and an additional 2.5 million moderately food insecure in English-speaking Caribbean countries

27,484 people affected by COVID-19 across 22 countries and territories

10,682 active cases; 470 deaths; 16,332 recovered

5 Caribbean countries with borders closed

23 named storms, including 8 hurricanes of which 2 were major hurricanes formed in the Atlantic this year, with an expected above-average hurricane season.


  • WFP implemented a second round of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) COVID-19 Food Security and Livelihoods Impact Survey, attracting 5700+ responses across 23 countries and territories.

  • WFP signed agreements with the Governments of Dominica and Saint Lucia, formally launching its support to respond to the negative impacts of COVID-19 through national social protection programmes.

  • WFP continues to preposition food, logistics equipment and first responders, while continuing to provide logistics support to the COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 Situation Update

Most countries have reopened borders for international travellers, but five governments in the English-speaking Caribbean have either closed their borders or suspended incoming international passenger travel.

Countries accepting international travellers have established and continue to amend travel protocols in an attempt to manage the spread of COVID-19, whilst allowing for a gradual return to tourism-related activities.

However, the number of active cases tripled in the countries covered by WFP Caribbean between 10 August and 10 September. Still, in the same period, the number of recoveries rose at a similar rate.

In order to mitigate the social impacts of the crisis, all 22 countries and territories covered by WFP Caribbean have introduced, adapted and/or upscaled social protection programmes. Some of the most frequently implemented measures are unemployment benefits, in-kind (food) assistance and additional cash transfers to beneficiaries of social assistance.