Weekly Operational Update on COVID-19 (28 August 2020)


From the field:

Thailand Launches “New Normal” Healthcare System to Build Back Better After COVID-19

Thailand has launched a project to help healthcare facilities and personnel strengthen their response to COVID-19, and to improve the health care system to “build back better” after the pandemic. All healthcare facilities in Bangkok and 12 Regional Health Offices across the country will participate in the project over the next 10 months. The Ministry of Public Health, with support from WHO and the Government of Japan has developed a 'new normal' model for health service delivery to strengthen the healthcare system and support health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The system is being piloted in Pattani province which is located on the border with Malaysia.

The “new normal” medical services model also called the “Pattani model” is an innovation in which patients with different diseases are classified into three 'traffic light' groups – green, red and yellow – based on the need for direct medical care and risk of COVID-19 infection. Patients that do not need to visit the healthcare facility are supported by remote consultation (telemedicine) and drugs are delivered to them, often by village volunteers. Arrangements for patients that need to visit healthcare facilities are modified, taking into account the patient pathway and the need to maintain physical distancing. When more intensive care is required, services have been made safer for patients and health care providers – such as upgraded ventilation within facilities. Read the full story here