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Weekly Operational Update on COVID-19 (2 October 2020)

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Confirmed cases 34 495 176

Confirmed deaths 1 025 729

Local COVID-19 preparedness is key to success

Building on a decade of health security system strengthening, Cambodia continues to improve its COVID-19 preparedness through a whole-of-society approach.

Throughout Cambodia, health authorities, with the support from WHO, have focused on a number of common priority areas, including multisource surveillance; early COVID-19 detection and contact tracing; health care preparedness; and intersectoral coordination and partnership at local and national levels.

“As long as the virus is circulating anywhere—in any village, province or country—everyone is at risk,” said Dr Li Ailan, WHO Representative to Cambodia. “Preparation always pays off. If we strengthen the health system, it will benefit us now and into the future.”

To apply local solutions to local challenges, Cambodia, for example, rapidly expanded its operations to manage screening and testing services at the areas bordering Thailand as 100,000 Cambodian workers returned home. Other provinces focused on indigenous and hard-to-reach populations, ensuring prevention messages were broadcast in indigenous languages, while districts with major pagodas engaged religious leaders to keep worshippers safe.

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