Voluntary Repatriation: International Protection

Manual and Guideline
Originally published


Dealing primarily with large-scale refugee situations, this handbook aims to provide UNHCR and NGO field staff with a practical protection tool relating to voluntary repatriation and promote consistency in international refugee protection and in the practice of agencies working in this area.

In addition to outlining a wide variety of practical approaches to protection issues in voluntary repatriation operations to provide ideas and tools, the following main issues are discussed:

- UNHCR's mandate for voluntary repatriation
- Protection content of voluntary repatriation
- UNHCR's role in voluntary repatriation operations
- Negotiations and agreements
- Voluntariness: Practical measures
- Repatriation in complex political circumstances
- UNHCR's role in the country of origin
- Vulnerable groups

The Handbook is intended to be used with the UNHCR Training Module on Voluntary Repatriation.