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UNICEF Global COVID-19 Situation Report No. 6 (Reporting Period: 15-28 May 2020)



  • During the reporting period, over 2.9 billion people have been reached with COVID-19 messaging, including in crisis affected countries. Given UNICEF’s leadership of the RCCE pillar of the COVID-19 response, special attention has been given to integrating GBV messages in RCCE efforts.

  • In collaboration with Safe to Learn partners, UNICEF contributed to recommendations to prevent and respond to violence against children in all learning environments during COVID-19 pandemic. This was complemented with advocacy messages: "Reopening Schools Safely: Recommendations for Building Back Better by Integrating Violence Against Children Prevention and Response”.

  • Over 44.7 million children, parents and/or caregivers have been reached with community based mental health and psychosocial support. In the first seven weeks since the lockdown began, UNICEF has been central to the delivery of multi-agency positive parenting resources to 38 million families in over 90 languages.