UNHCR Policy on Alternatives to Camps [EN/AR]

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 22 Jul 2014 View Original

**Purpose **

UNHCR’s policy is to pursue alternatives to camps, whenever possible, while ensuring that refugees are protected and assisted effectively and are able to achieve solutions.


The Policy on Alternatives to camps applies in all UNHCR operations for refugees and in all phases of displacement from contingency planning and preparedness to emergency response to stable and protracted refugee situations and the pursuit of durable solutions. refugees have a distinct legal status and rights under international law which guide UNHCR’s response under this policy. many aspects of the rationale, policy objectives and key elements for implementation are nevertheless relevant to and should inform UNHCR’s engagement in situations of internal displacement.

The policy is directed primarily towards UnHcr staff members engaged in strategic and operational planning, the design and delivery of activities in the field and those responsible for the development of protection, programme and technical policies, standards, guidance, tools and training that support such activities. successful implementation will also require engagement with and by host government authorities at all levels and the full spectrum of UnHcr’s partners and stakeholders. compliance with this policy is mandatory.