UNHCR Highlighted Underfunded Situations in 2017 (October 2017)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 15 Oct 2017 View Original

UNHCR in 2017 – by the numbers

As of September 2017, UNHCR’s budget is at an historic high of $7.763 billion, which is currently 46% funded

This growth is concurrent with the unabated levels of global displacement, with 67.7 million people of concern to UNHCR worldwide.

The funding gap is widening, now standing at 54%. Based on indications received from donors and analysis of funding trends, UNHCR estimates the gap may reduce to 47% by year’s end.

A 54% funding gap corresponds to $4.4 billion, which would have a devastating impact on people on concern and require UNHCR to radically prioritize its support for critical needs.

In terms of fresh income in 2017, UNHCR has recorded $3,313,601,144 in voluntary contributions as of the middle of September. This is virtually the same amount as was received at the same time last year, despite the increase in requirements from 2016 to 2017 by 12 per cent. The lion’s share of funding—91 per cent (see below)—has come from 21 donors, including private funding channelled through two of UNHCR’s National Partners (in Spain and the USA).