UNHCR’s Dialogues with Refugee Women

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In November 2010, UNHCR launched a series of Dialogues in seven locations around the world to give a voice to over 1,000 refugee, asylum-seeking and internally displaced women and girls, as well as over 300 men and boys, and to ensure this was heard and taken on board by UNHCR and other relevant stakeholders. The Dialogues had several objectives: to increase awareness and understanding of the protection issues facing women and girls, to enable an inclusive and in-depth discussion among refugees and relevant stakeholders of how these are being addressed and what could be improved, and to provide a space for displaced women and girls to formulate concrete recommendations for the way forward. Over one year after the Dialogues series was completed, positive changes can be seen both in terms of the visibility of women’s and girls’ protection issues and the responses of various stakeholders. This Progress Report sets out a number of concrete, tangible steps that have been taken by various actors in response to the specific recommendations made by women and girls during the Dialogues. It is based on information obtained from UNHCR staff and some of the Dialogue participants.