UNDP Asia Pacific Gender Equality Dispatch Issue 2

from UN Development Programme
Published on 23 May 2018 View Original

Inside this newsletter, you will find five original articles from the Bangkok Regional Hub, featuring the work of country office work-flows in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Viet Nam, and the Solomon Islands, highlighting the ways in which UNDP programmes in the region cross-cut gender equality mainstreaming efforts, or ensure women's empowerment to accelerate sustainable development.


  • Religious Leaders Challenge Gendered Misconceptions in Afghanistan

  • Collaborating against Violence: Bhutan's Research Support Holistic Violence Prevention and Response

  • Gender and Forced Marriage: Cambodian Women are Left Trapped after Being Tricked into Marrying Men Overseas

  • Communities in Fiji Gain Gender Equality Awareness and Access Services

  • Tech as a Tool for Empowerment: Building Digital Literacy, Self-Belief, and Gender Equality in India and Myanmar

  • Women Entrepreneurs Contribute to National Economic Stability in Indonesia

  • Tribal Women Achieving Sustainable Peace in the Solomon Islands

  • Empowering Ethnic Minority Women in Viet Nam to Become Poverty Reduction and Community Development Change Makers


  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution Could Smash Gender Inequality - or Deepen It by Valerie Cliff


  • In Adapting to Climate Change, Gender is on the Global Agenda by Mari Tomova

  • No Gender Equality, No SDGs by Haruka Tsumori


Koh Miyaoi, Regional Gender Adviser, koh.miyaoi@undp.org

Mailee Osten-Tan, Gender Equality Communications Consultant, mailee.ostentan@undp.org

Mahtab Haider, Communications Specialist, mahtab.haider@undp.org