Understanding the New Funding Model - An Aidspan Guide

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The new funding model (NFM) represents a significant departure from the way the Global Fund did business under the rounds-based system that it replaces. The purpose of “Understanding the New Funding Model: An Aidspan Guide” is to describe in plain language how the NFM works. Some aspects of the NFM are very complex, so writing about them in plain language is challenging.

The target audience for this guide is anyone in the Global Fund universe who wants to gain a better understanding of the NFM.

Important caveat: This guide uses a narrower definition of “new funding model” than the Global Fund itself uses. This guide focuses on the process of applying for funding, including initial preparations, the country dialogue, the development and review of concept notes, the grant-making process and the signing of the grant agreement papers. The Global Fund often places other aspects of its operations under the NFM umbrella, aspects such as simplified grant implementation procedures, changes in the requirements for country coordinating mechanisms, new financial systems, and new risk management systems.

This guide describes the NFM processes for the 2014–2016 allocation period. The process for future allocation periods will be similar but not identical. One reason for this is that there are provisions unique to the 2014–2106 period because of the transition from the rounds-based system of funding. Another reason is that the Global Fund will be evaluating the process used for 2014–2016 and will likely make some changes to the model for future allocation periods.