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OCHA provides early disaster coordination and assessment to the benefit of the humanitarian community. This is achieved through the deployment of experienced disaster managers nominated by over 120 governments and organizations. This roster of experts, available 24/24 for field deployment constitutes the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) roster and is managed by OCHA’s Field Coordination Support Section.

UNDAC teams operate worldwide and have – since their creation – been deployed over 275 times. The success of those missions is measured by the speed and quality in which the initial coordination structure is set up in the disaster theatre. No mission can be successful without the necessary operational support providing a life line to the UNDAC experts. OCHA Mission Support Partners are stepping in to enable UNDAC experts to carry out their essential work. Since the start of the UNDAC system in 1993, UNDAC has progressively increased the relationship with partners, both in quantity and quality. Partners prepare, train and respond together. Today, UNDAC Mission Support Partners are essential to the UNDAC system. This brochure presents in alphabetical order our main current partners.

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